February 5, 2024

We’ve Been Busy!

Closing-Suite-We-Have-Been-BusyThe first quarter of 2024 is off to a great start at FAN and Closingsuite.com. The real estate industry has gotten the message: affiliated title arrangements can be a great source of additional revenue as we await the market rebound (although it’s not the right answer 100% of the time!) We’re also fielding a ton of inquiries and questions about digital closings and our Ron as a Service capabilities through FAN and Network Transaction Solutions. Aaron shared his thoughts on that concept in PROGRESS IN LENDING not too long ago, in fact.

You asked for more ABAs. You’ll get more ABAs!

As Aaron wrote in his latest Housing Wire Closing Time article, (registration required) 2024 will see even more ABA activity. This will be true even as origination and order volume begin to rebound.

We can’t ignore the elephant in the room, either. 2023 may well be remembered as a watershed moment in the way REALTORS operate thanks to the Burnett decision. RESPA News asked Mike LaRosa about the impact of that decision, and he shared some interesting ideas about the new business models that might spring out of that decision. (HINT: Mike also believes the decision will impact ABAs). Be sure to download the State of the Industry Report – it’s free – to  see.

More to come. Lot’s of it!

Buckle up because we’re just getting started!

In the coming months, you’ll see more of Mike, Aaron and other special guests as we continue our Build, Grow and Sell ABA video series.

The Title Report has asked Aaron to join them for a free webinar on Strategic Planning for 2024. We have a feeling ABAs (and RON) will come up once or twice. Register now to hear his thoughts (as well as leading industry thought leader Jim Campbell). That takes place Tuesday, February 13 at 2pm.

Aaron will also take the stage (along with the highly regarded national RESPA attorney, Brian Levy) at RESPRO’s One-Stop event in Houston (March 7 – March 8) to discuss – what else? – how to build a compliant affiliated title operation. If you haven’t been to a RESPRO show, they’re packed with great content and great networking. Register now – it will be March before you know it.

Mike, Aaron and several other members of our leadership team are also finalizing appearances at other events, podcasts and webinars. We can’t tell you about them (yet), but chances are, if you’d like to learn more about affiliated arrangements or RON as a Service, you’ll get the chance this year.

Or, better yet, why wait to hear from us? Our Closingsuite.com brand is dedicated to, among other things, helping title agents, mortgage lenders and real estate brokerages build successful ABAs (or avoid them for better options.). Contact us today with your questions. We’d love to help! We’ll even conduct a no-obligations assessment of your strategy or existing option – what’s better than free?

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon.

© 2022 Closing Suite. All Rights Reserved.
© 2022 Closing Suite. All Rights Reserved.